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Business Consultancy and Management

From business strategy through to consultancy, planning and management, our knowledge and expertise has enabled our clients to develop effective strategies to exploit opportunity and create organisational success.

Combining leading edge research and business expertise, Dialogic consistently delivers distinctive and effective solutions for clients.

Through building successful partnerships we have effectively managed a wide range of high profile business projects and programmes and consulted to Academia and Government.

Research and Policy

Dialogic’s emphasis on research and analysis has  influenced some of the major issues facing many organisations in commerce, academia and UK Government. Our clients expect thought leadership, insight and originality and welcome our direct professionalism.

Our knowledge of IT policy coupled with our industry research perspectives and deep understanding of UK Higher Education issues makes Dialogic Consulting the right choice, a trusted company able to create successful partnerships. Working across cultural boundaries stimulates new approaches for delivering innovative solutions to exploit the growing opportunities of the global knowledge economy. 

We will continue to cement our working partnerships with key organisations from both the public and the private sector to ensure that up to date and authoritative research is available to support the growth of the creative and knowledge industries within the UK.

Accelerating Business Growth

Dialogic Reports cited in the latest NESTA report ‘Total Innovation’

Innovation is key to the future success of the UK economy and high-technology innovation will be at its centre.

Dialogic research on the UK Software Economy; Developing the Future,  cited in this latest report.


Computing; The Higher Education Issue

Dialogic Consulting Michael Bowkis presents key research at City University London.

Influencing policy & Professionalism for the UK Knowledge Economy. This research was presented at City University, London, May 2008


A Coming Together of Minds.

Dialogic Consulting’s Michael Bowkis is featured in the City University London Annual Report.

Industry and Academia must find ways of working ever closer together if the UK is to overcome the IT skills gap that threatens continued growth of the knowledge economy.


Microsoft DTF 2007 Research & Report.

Dialogic researched and authored the second insightful Developing The Future report into the future of the UK software economy. It builds on its earlier research report, DTF 2006.

This influential report and research examines four key themes: Globalisation, Innovation, Education & Skills and Computing Technology Futures.


Dialogic initiates dBERR i2010 work to create a vibrant and sustainable knowledge economy for the UK.

The Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR) - Dialogic research and reports initiated the IAP  i2010 Ministerial Workshop with the Minister of State for Industry & the Regions, Chief Secretary to the Treasury and the Higher Education Minister.



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