Diverse Talent

Dialogic was formed as a result of the collaboration between IT,  business and academic professionals seeking to integrate their skills to provide distinctive and comprehensive business solutions. Our distinctive innovative and influential research has brought substantial benefits to our clients which including Microsoft, the BCS, City University. Media coverage for the influential reports ‘Developing the Future’ (2006 & 2007) has included broadcast journalism (BBC Today Programm

Nowadays organisations understand the need to develop strategies that are more than just company-wide. The growing ‘enterprise’ culture means that forming the right partnerships for delivering success is crucial, requiring people with a range of skill sets to maximise business impact. Dialogic has a proven track record in delivering innovation for many organisations, backed by our thought leadership programmes, research and strategy consulting.

Partnerships for Success

We work across Government, Academia and Industry creating partnerships and networks in order to achieve success. We have worked successfully on a wide range of projects many of which have drawn upon our specialist knowledge of the fields of IT and education.

Our expertise in strategy, research and analysis has enabled us to successfully design and implement solutions to complex business problems.

Dialogic has written several key reports including the influential ‘Developing the Future’ series. We have been invited to speak at a number of conferences and seminars across Europe and the USA. Dialogic’s research and consulting services have been used to inform Government consultation with industry and academia on the strategy for the Knowledge Economy to 2010.

Thought Leadership

Dialogic’s current research into the UK Software Economy and its relationship with Higher Education and industry is informing the skills and policy debates. This is a key area for the UK and new developments will have a significant impact on both the growth of the Knowledge Economy as well as new developments within Higher education in this country.

Our research and analysis aims to further the working partnerships of academia and industry and will spearhead  changes in provision and requirements over the coming years.

Clients & Partners

City University London

Anglia Ruskin University


The British Computer Society




Microsoft UK

Microsoft Corp. USA